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The Mobility Recipe sets the standard in mobility training and injury prevention, offering fitness pros an accredited certification, done-for-you programs, pain solutions, and more for optimal client performance.

Are you ready to elevate your fitness business and tap into a lucrative market?

Mobility Training is your golden ticket. In an industry worth a staggering $33 billion, offering specialized mobility training isn't just a service - it's a strategic move to skyrocket client results, retention and your revenue. 

“I have all of Ruston's Mobility programs and love them all. The content and video production are top notch. My clients enjoy the step by step videos and have noticed an increase in range of motion and just a general increase in feeling better. Thank you Ruston for these plug and play programs that allow me to help my clients feel better."

Lara Sloan

LS Health & Fitness

About Ruston Webb, MS, FMS II, TPI-CGFI III

Ruston_W-Headshot.jpg Mobility Training

Discover Ruston's extraordinary journey from a Division 1 college sprinter plagued by relentless hamstring injuries to an international speaker and elite fit pro. Frustrated by traditional methods that failed to resolve his issues, Ruston took his health into his own hands. His quest for answers led him through the intricate worlds of integrated physiology and kinesiology, culminating in a Master's in Human Movement. This wasn't just a path to personal healing; it sparked a burning desire to revolutionize how others approach fitness. From weight loss to muscle gain, Ruston's methods are not just about looking good - they're about injury prevention, pain minimization, and performance optimization. Curious about how this journey led to the creation of The Mobility Recipe? 

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