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About Ruston Webb, MS, FMS II, TPI-CGFI III

Ruston Webb, a former college sprinter, overcame recurring hamstring injuries to become an expert in mobility, injury prevention, and pain management.


The frustration of recurring injuries and ineffective traditional treatments led him to an important realization: the need for a deeper understanding of how the body worked and how to prevent future injuries.


Motivated by this newfound purpose, Ruston pursued an educational crusade. He earned a Master's degree in Human Movement, delving into the intricacies of the body's mechanics. His thirst for knowledge didn't end there; he also obtained certifications such as the Titleist Performance Institute Level III Golf Fitness Instructor and Advanced Corrective Exercise Specialist, further expanding his expertise.

Ruston's ambition extended beyond personal achievements. In 2011, he co-authored an exercise science curriculum for Heritage College in collaboration with the American Council on Exercise, demonstrating his dedication to shaping the future of fitness education. His expertise gained media attention, leading to appearances on the Colorado Today Show and contributions to training video series, spreading his insights far and wide.


After successfully owning and managing a gym for over a decade, Ruston created The Mobility Recipe course, a significant milestone in his career. Now a Mobility Training Specialist Certification, this program became a game-changer in the fitness industry. Its focus on mobility training revolutionized how fitness professionals enhance their clients' movement.

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IMG_1129.jpg About

Ruston has been recognized for his valuable contribution in the form of "done-for-you Pain Solution Programs." These online programs are designed to address common issues such as knee, back, and shoulder pain. Coaches and trainers have found these resources extremely helpful, as they align with Ruston's mission to reduce pain, prevent injuries, and optimize movement for a better quality of life.


Today, Ruston Webb is a renowned speaker who provides training tools and techniques to fitness professionals worldwide. His goal is to revolutionize the industry and improve people's health and longevity.

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