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Maximize Your Clients' True Potential:

Eliminate Self-Sabotage, Boost Adherence, Enhance Retention, and Amplify Results with The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula

Are you ready to elevate your coaching and help your clients break through to extraordinary levels of success? Introducing The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula, the latest groundbreaking addition to The Mobility Recipe suite of programs.

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This program transcends typical fitness trends by unlocking mental and emotional components for lasting change. Integrating the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula offers a unique journey of physical transformation and purposeful living.

The Problem Plaguing the Fitness Industry

A critical gap exists in our industry's approach toward client adherence. Success in the fitness industry hinges on adherence. Without dedication, our strategies and plans fall short. Client success depends on their commitment to our programs.

We've all implemented every tool in our arsenal to promote adherence:

  • Motivation

  • Inspiration

  • Discipline

  • Habit Tracking

  • Accountability

  • Structured Systems

  • Mindset Coaching

  • SMART Goals

  • Challenges

  • Community

And the list goes on…

All of these tools are essential and necessary in our fitness business BUT they fall short of addressing the root problem for many of our clients and even in our own pursuit of business success.

The heart of the problem isn't a shortage of tools or methods but in our failure to uncover the underlying cause of our clients’ struggles with adherence. In our sincere efforts, we've chased symptoms, missing a crucial opportunity for true transformation.

"The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose."  - Dr. Myles Munroe

This profound statement highlights a powerful truth—identifying and pursuing one's purpose is key to lasting success, far beyond any traditional fitness goal.


Identifying both our own purpose and that of our clients is paramount.

The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula cuts straight to the root cause of non-adherence.


BUT WAIT! – There’s One More Problem

The journey doesn't end with the recognition of purpose as the cornerstone of success. A significant hurdle remains—one that has the potential to derail even the most purpose-driven endeavors: Filters.


Filters ingrained since birth shape our actions and obscure clarity and purpose. Research identifies three major filters blocking our path to realizing and living our true purpose.

These filters can either lead to self-sabotage or serve as a catapult towards our success! 

Our Self-Talk




Our Life Question



Our Inherited Story




The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula is designed to turn these 3 filters into allies!
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Each video module meticulously outlines each step for personal growth and coaching mastery, enabling you to guide clients through the same transformative journey with confidence.


Step 1: Filter #1 – Your Language

 Discover the power of words and how your inner dialogue shapes your reality. Transform negative self-talk into a powerful ally to uncover your true potential.

Step 2: Filter #2 - Your Life Question

Shift your subconscious life question from self-doubt to empowerment. Learn how to reframe your thoughts and actions towards a more positive and purposeful existence.


Step 3: Filter #3 - Your Inherited Story

Break free from the inherited narratives that limits you and your clients. Craft a new, empowering personal story that aligns with your true purpose and aspirations.

Step 4: Discover Your True Purpose

Embark on the most crucial journey to uncover your compass. This module guides you through a profound exploration of what truly drives you, setting the stage for a life of fulfillment and success.


Step 5: Execution with Purpose

Learn the art of turning insights into action. This module focuses on practical strategies to live out your purpose daily, ensuring that your fitness career and personal life are in perfect harmony.

What's Inside the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula?

  1. 5 Video Modules: Uncover and overcome the 3 main filters holding you and your clients back from discovering and living out your true purpose.

  2. Client Success Training: Easily take the 5-Step Strategy and walk your clients through this same process that will change their life! A whole video devoted to making sure you have all the tools and understanding on coaching your clients toward purpose.

  3. Fully-Rebrandable Canva Guide: A customizable tool for your clients, allowing you to offer a personalized experience.

  4. Customizable Coaching Materials: From slide decks to emails, equip yourself with everything needed to coach your clients towards finding their purpose.

  5. Marketing Emails & Monetization Strategies: Not only enhance your coaching but also learn how to effectively market and monetize this transformative program.

Transform your approach to fitness and coaching today.

The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula is more than a program; it's a commitment to living and coaching with intention, guided by a profound sense of purpose. It's about making a difference in your life and the lives of those you impact, your clients. With our comprehensive guide, video modules, customizable tools, and strategic insights, you're not just investing in a program; you're investing in a movement towards purposeful living and coaching.

What Health & Fitness Pros Think of the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula... 

"As a trainer, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula has given me a unique edge, allowing me to offer something truly special. My clients are achieving their goals and discovering new ones they never thought possible. This program is a must-have in any fit pro's toolkit." 

- Sam K, Personal Trainer


"The holistic approach of the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula aligns perfectly with my philosophy as a health coach. It's about more than just physical health; it's about aligning your life's purpose with your health goals. My clients have experienced profound transformations, inside and out. This formula is powerful."

- Erin JHolistic Health Coach


"Adding the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula to my online coaching has been phenomenal. It's allowed me to connect with my clients on a much deeper level and provide them with a truly personalized experience. Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I've seen my client base grow significantly as a result."

- Carlos G, Online Weight Loss Coach

Here’s Why This Is A No-Brainer…


Unlock Your Clients' True Potential:

his is foundational, as it directly addresses the goal of enabling profound and lasting changes in clients, which is the ultimate aim for health & fitness coaching.


Skyrocket Client Adherence:

Without adherence, even the best fitness program cannot succeed. Strategies that foster a deeper commitment are essential.


Eliminate Self-Sabotage:

Key for ensuring clients overcome internal barriers that prevent them from achieving their fitness goals, making this crucial for client success.


Boost Client Retention:

Long-term engagement is vital for both client success and the stability of a fitness business, making this a top priority.


Amplify Results:

The effectiveness of fitness programs is measured by results. Integrating purpose-driven practices that amplify these outcomes is fundamental.


Transform Coaching Approach:

Differentiating oneself in a crowded market is critical for success, and a holistic, purpose-focused framework does just that.


Deepen Client Relationships:

Strong relationships are the backbone of client retention and satisfaction, making this benefit essential for a thriving practice.


Increase Program Value and Appeal:

Attracting a broader client base by offering a unique value proposition ensures the growth and sustainability of the business.

About Ruston Webb, MS, CPT, FMS II, TPI-CGFI III

Ruston Webb holds a master’s degree in Human Movement and is the founder of The Mobility Recipe, a mobility certification program for fit pros and coaches. He is the owner of The Muscular Gentleman online men’s coaching program, and is the creator of the Knee, Back, & Shoulder Pain Solution programs which help fit pros minimize pain, reduce injuries, and optimize performance with their clients.

He has been in the fitness industry for over 24 years, was a former college instructor for exercise science, owned a gym for 11 years, and loves helping clients and coaches become the best version of themselves!

Get The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula 100% Risk-Free!


100% Happiness Guarantee

I’m so confident that you and your clients will experience massive transformation from this program, that I’m giving you a 7-day money-back guarantee.

No questions asked! I’m taking all the risk FOR you so it’s easy to say YES to this incredible opportunity.

Join Us on This Revolutionary Journey

The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula is more than just a program; it's a pathway to unlocking your clients' greatest potential. It's time to redefine what's possible in fitness and life. Whether you're looking to push your clients beyond their limits or searching for a way to maintain their fitness achievements, this program offers the tools, support, and insights necessary for a truly transformative journey.

Get Your Questions Answered!


How does it work?

It's simple: start by going through the program yourself, just like a client would. Engage with each of the five modules to learn how to overcome the three main filters and discover your true purpose. After mastering the process, you're ready to coach your clients. Offer the program through workshops, online webinars, one-on-one sessions, small groups, or as a pre-recorded evergreen course. This approach not only adds a valuable revenue stream to your fitness business but also introduces the crucial element of purpose, enhancing the impact of your services and client success.


What Sets it Apart?

Created to fill a gap in the fitness industry, it addresses the core of lasting transformation: the discovery and execution of one’s true purpose. The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula is not your typical fitness program it addresses the mental and emotional piece and cuts straight to the root cause of non-adherence. This powerful program has already helped countless individuals push through weight loss plateaus, maintain success in their fitness journeys, and genuinely enhance the effectiveness of all our other programs.


Is it Done-For-You?

This program was created to empower YOU to foster a profound connection with your clients. It was not designed as a collection of videos where I speak to your clients, but rather, as a coaching experience where I guide YOU to master the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula. As such, the content is crafted to coach you, the health and fitness professional, equipping you to become an skilled facilitator for your clients' transformative journey in the program. Please note, the modules feature coaching directed at empowering you with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement this program effectively. Therefore, you will not find ready-made videos intended for direct client use. The essence of this program lies in the personal touch you or your team bring to the coaching process. It is essential that you, or a designated member of your staff, take the helm in guiding your clients through the program. The depth of client engagement we aim for with the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula extends far beyond the physical aspects of fitness. It delves into the mental and emotional territories, requiring a level of rapport and trust that can only be achieved through personal interaction. This personalized approach is vital for unlocking the full potential of the coach-client relationship, fostering an environment where clients are encouraged to explore and connect in ways that transcend traditional exercises or mobility sequences. For the program to achieve its maximum impact, resulting in increased adherence, retention, and lasting results, it is imperative that you or your staff are integrally involved in its delivery. This direct involvement ensures that the connection with your clients is genuine, meaningful, and conducive to their growth and success within the framework of the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula. Embrace your role in this unique journey. You are a crucial piece of the puzzle, poised to make an unforgettable impact on the lives of your clients through the power of purpose-driven coaching.


Why Choose the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula?

Few programs offer the dual benefit of investing in both yourself and your clients. Now, seize the opportunity to embark on a truly life-changing journey. This isn't just about enhancing your fitness business or undergoing a personal transformation; it's about extending this profound experience to your clients. By integrating this coaching service with your core programs, you elevate their results to new heights, fostering truly lifelong change. Embrace this chance to grow, transform, and uplift — for you and everyone you coach.


Why is this essential to your health & fitness business?

Transformative Approach: This program goes beyond the physical to embrace mental and emotional growth, reshaping how you and your clients approach fitness and life. Breakthrough Plateaus: Help your clients overcome common obstacles and achieve sustainable success. Enhance All Your Programs: Designed to complement and amplify the benefits of your training programs, offering a purpose-driven approach to health and wellness. Discover the 'Why': Lead your clients to their true purpose, igniting a deep-seated desire to change going beyond motivation and typical adherence techniques.

PDFF-mockup copy.png
Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.

Discover how the Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula can revolutionize your approach to fitness and coaching. Enroll now and embark on a journey to lasting success and fulfillment.

Transform Lives With The Purpose-Driven Fitness Formula.

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