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Finally a NEW Mobility Training Program Designed to Boost Retention, Increase Profit, Grow Your Business & Injury-Proof Your Clients!

If you are sick of clients cancelling, postponing or putting their memberships on hold due to injuries or pain, grab this Done-for-You program while you can!








Gray Cook


“Every day, out-of-shape people attempt to regain fitness, lose weight and become more active. They assume if they just move more, they will start to move well.” 

Fitness Instructor
What is one of the most common reasons clients stop training with fitness professionals?

Your initial guess might be money…
Or maybe you think its job related…
What about clients simply getting bored or losing motivation?

One of the most common problems I hear fitness professionals and gym owners complain about (the ones that are not afraid to admit they need enhancement in their methods) are losing clients due to the simple occurrence of pain and injuries!

I know, because I was one of them…

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I have connections with hundreds of gym owners, and if there’s one thing I hear over and over again, it’s these 2 big issues:


They have tons of potential clients that never sign up because of pain or movement problems


They lose clients consistently to pain or injuries regardless of the corrective exercise, yoga and other stretch/flexibility routines they try to use in their fitness programs.
When clients are in severe pain, simply getting out of bed is a huge struggle, and they quickly lose motivation to train all together OR they want out of pain as fast as possible, so they use medications and comfort foods that wreak havoc on their waistline, creating a band-aid for their pain rather than addressing the root cause.

As fitness providers, we need to empathize with our clients if we truly want to help them develop a healthy attachment to fitness training.

What if you were the ONE gym or trainer in your city (market) who could actually help them with their movement problems associated with pain and injuries?

What if you were known as simply the BEST trainer who held all the answers and solutions to their problems? After all, the solutions are simple – but you need the right systematic knowledge.
Back Pain

Did you know that 8/10 people suffer from back pain?    

Knee Pain

Did you know that 1 out of 4 adults have knee pain?    

Shoulder Pain

Or did you know that 40% of people suffer from chronic shoulder pain?

Sadly, a lot of gyms and fitness professionals are the cause for some of this pain.

Whether it’s negligence or lack of knowledge, trainers all over the world are pushing clients in the wrong direction not realizing the havoc they are wreaking on their clients’ long-term health.

Clients with poor posture, dysfunctional movement patterns and general lack of mobility are overlooked every day in the gym. I know because I used to be that trainer. I have made all the mistakes, focused on all the wrong things with clients, and only ended up hurting my fitness business and long-term client relationships.

If you really think about it, fitness instructors are there to help clients transform their lives. According to the published literature, Harvard University calls exercise and mobility “the miracle drug”. That’s because mobility, flexibility and training can alleviate all of the above issues, without any side effects or downtime associated with surgery.

Now, if you lack the correct and astute knowledge, you will end up doing more harm than good – and taking your clients all the way back to square one.

Cathy Bormann, CPT 
Owner of FITDSM

“Clients are commenting on how 'good it feels!' and they are doing some of The Mobility Recipe sequences on their own at home now. It is the perfect training resource to build mobility work and classes into your schedule. I have all of my trainers going through the modules and we now have a class dedicated to mobility once a week!” 
The real question is, and you have to be honest with yourself – are you making money off of pain or are you contributing to its cause? In other words, do you want to sell the cure or the disease?

Notice an immediate difference in your fitness business, with The Mobility Recipe

Adding mobility training could be one of your biggest assets to your fitness business, it means the difference between simply being successful, and monopolizing the market.
And here’s the thing:
There is no better time than right now!
That’s because with online training and today’s limitations in the fitness industry, you need to add mobility training to your fitness business in order to maintain your unique edge and provide the best value for clients.
Fitness Trainor
You are about to discover the supreme type of mobility training that I have used in my own fitness business to change my client’s lives while also boosting my revenue and retention rate, upholding the gold standard in today’s world of fitness.  Even if you have tried all sorts of injury prevention programs, flexibility or stretching routines, I will share with you how I have helped dozens of gym owners and fitness professionals just like you minimize their client’s pain and increase their revenue.

I will walk you through a compilation of “under the radar techniques” that I’ve taught to some of the biggest names in fitness today. This knowledge will swiftly put you 5-10 years ahead of your competitors.
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The Mobility Recipe is your Superior Shortcut to Client Success

Over the 20 years of my career in fitness, I’ve developed a plan that has equipped fitness professionals with the critical skills to:
  • Help clients optimize joint range of motion
  • Alleviate client’s stress
  • Identify pain points and help minimize it
  • ​Improve client’s overall performance
That means making your clients injury-proof and keep them returning to see progress each and every time. It’s a snowball effect; more and more valuable clients will join up after seeing the success of their peers.

The ONLY way to do that is to teach you the PROVEN systems to utilizing mobility training into your fitness business.

If you already use mobility training, I am going to teach you how to take it to a whole new level. But if you are a complete beginner, or you’ve never used mobility in your fitness business before, I am here to show you how to masterfully target the ever-important goal of true mobility.

Whether you train clients one-one one or in large groups, The Mobility Recipe has you covered. Whether you train online or in-person, The Mobility Recipe is the answer.

You don’t want to spend all your free time developing a program that works, I’ve done the work, so you don’t have to. USE The Mobility Recipe to add a NEW training session to your gym or program and increase revenue and lower cancellations in record time!


  • If you are looking for a 6-week course, a 350-page book, or a workshop created with more theory and less actionable steps, then this is NOT for you.
  • The core tenet of The Mobility Recipe is that no amount of theory can provide the benefit of one actionable plan. Clients will not see results from reading copious fitness material, they will see results from implementing the work.
  • Combining years of experience, proven methods and indispensable knowledge – the rewards you’ll reap from implementing and applying The Mobility Recipe will elevate your revenue and truly help your clients!

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at my background:

  • I have all the accolades - 20 years in the industry, 16 different training certifications, I’ve attended dozens of seminars, symposiums and fitness summits.
  • I received my Master’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on corrective exercise and post rehab.
  • I’ve also taught exercise science in college and even co-wrote the curriculum for an exercise science program.
  • ​I have worked with some of the most successful physical therapists in the world. 
Yet even this was not enough to prevent the biggest challenge that ultimately led to this program being made.

In my early years, though I continued to master my craft in the personal training and group training world, no matter how many corrective exercise techniques, stretching and flexibility routines I tried to use with my clients – I just couldn’t get the results I was looking for. And I used some of the top programs in the world!

I just couldn’t piece it together as a middleman between my clients, physical therapists & chiropractors to create meaningful change and help clients move in the right direction.

Sure, I could achieve momentary results with clients using some of the best corrective exercises and functional movement systems out there, but it never lasted.

Then one day, I stumbled upon an idea…

Robert Castillo, CPT
Owner of Active Fit Bootcamp

"The Mobility Recipe has helped my clients improve their performance, lifestyle and attitude due to less pain! If you are on the fence, do it. If your client's goals are to improve fitness, wellness and longevity, you need to go through The Mobility Recipe!"
Fitness Trainor
Fitness Trainor
This was an idea that would help me systemize and produce greater adherence and transformation with my clients.
I focused solely on the fundamental limiting factors that were plaguing almost every one of my clients: terrible posture, dysfunctional movement patterns and poor lifestyle choices. From this, I created

The Mobility Recipe.

Fitness Books
In just a few short months, my client’s injury rates dropped significantly, they were raving about joint pain going away for the first time in years, with far more efficacy than medication and band-aid solutions. Not only this, but they were actually adhering to the program!
It was not a clinical atmosphere either, it was fun – this joy of training meant that our sessions filled up rapidly.  In conjunction with lowering cancellations substantially due to injuries, pain and surgeries, we also increased our revenue significantly!


Jason Meland, CPT
Owner of Jason Meland Fitness

"This course relieved SOOOOO much tightness and pain in both my hips and shoulders! My clients have noted relief in back pain, shoulder flexibility and even a couple clients were able to squat fully down for the first time EVER! This is such a game changer. I wish I knew about The Mobility Recipe years ago. EVERYbody should have this in their life."

Djimmer Bosman, DPT
Rebound Therapy & Wellness Clinic

"If you are even remotely interested in your client’s success, which means maintaining their overall health while increasing their workout ability and reaching their goals, you have to complete The Mobility Recipe! Not only will it help with your client’s success but injury prevention and establishing an exercise program in a whole new way."

Toby Herman, CPT

"The Mobility Recipe has helped me and so many of our members address their joint aches and pains! TMR is a true game changer in the fitness world. Your clients/members are going to thank you for introducing them to mobility in this fun and awesome way!!!"

Shari Trumbull, CPT

"The proof is in the pudding! Mobility is such a HUGE factor in keeping our clients’ bodies healthy and moving properly throughout their lives. Ruston makes The Mobility Recipe ingredients thoroughly enjoyable to learn and easy to teach."

Adam Engel, DPT, OCS
Waldron’s Peak Physical Therapy

"The Mobility Recipe is time efficient, effective and straight to the point. More mobility and less pain! This is a great synopsis of what you need to know when addressing mobility and integrating it with your clients. Ruston has taken his wealth of knowledge on the subject and made it easy to digest and apply to your clients the very next day!"

Dee Tidwell, CPT
Owner of Enduro MTB Training
and Colorado Golf Fitness Club

"The Mobility Recipe has really opened up my clients! If you are looking for a REALLY great plugin solution that will help the majority of your clients, I would definitely recommend The Mobility Recipe! Get it and get started!"

David Mura, CPT
Owner of Fit Soldiers

"Since starting The Mobility Recipe my clients crave it, even after going through a few short sequences their nagging aches and pains began to clear up. They are able to do more and work harder during training sessions. Even after 15 years in the fitness industry, The Mobility Recipe has been a game-changer. Ultimately, your clients will train with you longer and refer more friends because you’re now giving them what they need to sustain healthy movement!"

Anthony Vernon, CPT

"The Mobility Recipe has help create better posture control, less soreness, better range of motion when doing almost everything. I highly recommend you try it. Clients at any level can benefit from better movement."

KaSarah Smith, CPT

"I absolutely love what Ruston has done with The Mobility Recipe. After just a few short sessions of mobility training, my clients and I have noticed where our hidden limitations are and improvements in ALL of these areas! The Mobility Recipe does a great job of making the information accessible and easy to digest, even for new trainers like me. Ruston uses technical terms but in a way that is easy to apply to everyday training sessions."

Connor Egyhazi, CPT

"Our clients have improved greatly on their range of motion, quality of movement and balance. The Mobility Recipe can be used for all fitness levels and is a great investment for your business and health. You will not find another program like this!"

Bradley Uthoff, DC
Owner of Uthoff Family Chiropractic

"WOW, I didn’t think I was that tight! Ruston lays out and guides you through an easy to follow program that will help improve and maintain your client’s mobility thus keeping them active and healthy!"

Missi Balison, CPT
Owner of Missi Balison Fitness

"The Mobility Recipe is an incredible way to bring a whole new stream of revenue into the gym. The amazing part about it is how easy it is to sell because once people start moving better, they can then join a fitness class and then start getting into shape. Many people are just sitting in a place where they can’t move so they can’t exercise, and they can’t get out and live their life. I think this is going to be a very easy program to implement to improve the quality of people’s lives as well as the gym’s bottom line (income)."

Owner of Kinetafit Bootcamps

"The most incredible part of The Mobility Recipe was how it affected all aspects of my business. When clients were showing up to my mobility training sessions, they were getting amazing results and feeling unbelievable, in turn they were sharing it with all their friends, so referrals were coming in organically. 

Client’s pain and nagging joints were decreasing which caused a rise in attendance and in turn overall memberships were being upgraded so they could attend more sessions. Our membership cancellations went down because our clients weren’t in pain, injuries were dropping and as a result retention rates improved. 

The domino effect from The Mobility Recipe was astonishing, clients even started to notice they were lifting heavier and getting stronger with our core programs. The benefits were undeniable." 

Join the Mobility Revolution Before it’s Too Late!

I’ve created this system so you don’t need to spend years learning mobility training – you can use The Mobility Recipe and start in just a few days! I’ve honed and formulated an elite selection of guiding principles, methods and techniques that, once disseminated and embraced in your business – systematically predisposes you to success and monopolizing the market.  

Plus, you can start using Mobility training in practically all areas of your fitness business to create a powerful impact (discover how in the program).
Fitness Books

Mobility Foundations Masterclass

18 Lessons that will impart you with the supreme strategies on how to approach and attack mobility problems for your clients the right way, and finally get results that last a lifetime! You will never have to wonder “how to” ever again with mobility training
Fitness Books

70-Page TMR Cookbook

With this Cookbook, I have laid out the exact process, mobility exercises and method to follow and guide you on what to do with your clients, and in what order to train them for optimum results.
Fitness Books

24 Done-For-You Mobility Sequences

You will receive the proven mobility movements and exercises readily crafted for you (we use these in my own gym) to maximize the mobility training experience that your clients have with you, creating lasting change for superior functional movement.
Fitness Books

6 Done-For-You Activation Sequences

These sequences, masterfully synthesized by me with a wealth of client experience, will give you the greatest advantage to amplifying the results of your clients. These “Already Done” exercises are designed to wake up and activate those lost muscles that your clients need to get stronger and add years to their life.
Fitness Books

3 Done-For-You “Tested and Perfected”

3 Done-For-You “Tested and Perfected” Mobility Training Sessions – You’ll receive my proven mobility training sessions (exact same sessions that we’ve used to help hundreds of clients) for your own fitness business. You don’t have to spend hours and hours designing mobility training sessions around each and every client’s unique issues, just implement these sessions right away with incredible results!
Fitness Books

As If That Isn’t Enough

4 Bonus Extremity Mobility Sequences

These additional sequences will help you provide mobility training for the whole body, so that your clients get everything they need from your sessions to move optimally.

The Mobility Recipe Online Course

70-page TMR Course Manual .................................. VALUE: $249
Mobility Foundations Masterclass .......................... VALUE: $899
24 DFY Mobility Sequences ..................................... VALUE: $1,299
6 DFY Activation Sequences .................................... VALUE: $499
3 DFY Fully Designed Mobility Sessions ................. VALUE: $999
4 BONUS Extremity Mobility Sequences ................. VALUE: $999
Total Value                  

Total Investment

Only $297 ($597)

Make your money back in ONE session! And watch your fitness business transform before your eyes.
Fitness Books


 Try the ENTIRE COURSE for 7 FULL days,


Go through the course, participate, implement AND run your own mobility session at the end…After completing all of those, if you feel like this isn’t the greatest training and program of its kind, I’ll send you all your money back.

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. All you need to do is email me with your receipt with the title “Happiness” and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sound more than fair?

How much is it worth to your fitness business to know that you are lowering your client’s injury rates, minimizing their pain and creating lifetime clients AND increasing your revenue at the same time?
Fitness Books

Jonathon LaJoie, CPT

“The Mobility Recipe is awesome! I love how much it opens up client’s joints and how powerful it is at activating the appropriate muscles needed for functional movement. It’s a great investment for anyone wanting to add mobility effectively for their fitness business!”

The investment is ONLY $297 ($597)  but you have 2 options:


You can send your clients to a medical professional due to injuries, lose clients to cancellations from pain and unaddressed dysfunctional movements…



You can invest in a done-for-you program you can implement into your fitness business in less than a week and keep clients for a lifetime.

Do not let the mobility revolution pass you by because it will continue to gain traction in the fitness industry and there is no better time than RIGHT NOW!

  Ask yourself the following:

  • How many clients will you lose?
  • What will happen if I don’t do anything?
  • What will change in your fitness business?
  • Will your revenue ever reach its peak potential?
  • ​Are you really doing everything you should to serve your clients what they deserve?

If you answered those questions honestly you know what you need to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much work is involved in this course?

These mobility sessions and techniques are 100% DONE-FOR-YOU. All you need to do is go through the course, set up the training sessions, market them and follow the templates laid out for you and watch your client’s movements transform before your eyes! The best is asking your clients how they feel after each mobility session and hearing them rave about how great they are moving or little aches and pains that disappeared. 

What is the “Happiness Guarantee?

This program is backed by my 100% Happiness Guarantee! I'm SO confident that you're going to love this program, that I'm giving you a 7-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee. There's zero risk for you, all the risk is on me!

Where can I use this content?

Once you invest in The Mobility Recipe, you'll have the rights to use the mobility exercises, sequences and done-for-you training sessions within your fitness business. You can also use this content in your emails or videos in your private facebook page. (This program is NOT for reselling to other trainers or businesses as a product).

Will I get instant access to the content?

Yes! Once you order, you'll have get an email to set up your personal login information for instant ACCESS to the online course and done-for-you mobility training material and systems. You will need to go through the course in order as the course material is designed to all come together at the end. 

Can I customize or make changes to the DFY mobility training sessions?

Sure! As a fitness professional or gym owner this material could spark some great ideas and help get your creative juices flowing. If you feel that there are some great exercises or proven techniques that you want to add into this material, by all means go for it! The goal is always to create lasting change and improve joint range of motion where appropriate. 

How much time will this really save me?

The Mobility Recipe will save you hours and hours of hard work! If you were to study, research and learn the most effective ways to train mobility as well as create 25+ mobility sequences PLUS write, design and implement 3 one-hour mobility training sessions that actually work effectively it could take months of testing what is working and what is not. There is a true labor of love developing mobility sessions that work. The systems and methods can truly help you add a new stream of revenue that is effective and lowers injury rates and boosts retention! Start GROWING your business using mobility!  

How is this different from other injury prevention programs?

This online course and done-for-you mobility training is designed to generate adherence and results with your clients and members. This is not a screening system or a way to “predict” injury rates it is a system designed to implement a new stream of revenue or simply add mobility training into your warm-ups, programs and sessions that WORK! Mobility is by far one of the most fundamental limiting factors in human movement in today’s world. Addressing it first is a MUST! When we truly open up client’s joint range of motion you will see and hear clients raving about the way they move and feel! 

What if I don't have a brick-and-mortar location?

This online course and DFY systems will help you to successfully run mobility training sessions over Zoom or any online training method you use! In fact, The Mobility Recipe was implemented prior to COVID and continued to work and run via Zoom sessions with incredible results! 

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